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It’s almost spring, and we’re about to enjoy one of America’s favorite pastime — Baseball.

Tailgating is a great way to showcase your team pride and give your guests, friends and family an entertaining day they won’t soon forget.

A great tailgate isn’t simply thrown together, there should be some pregame planning involved in order to set off your parking lot party full of games, grub and good times.

The first two things you must remember to pack are your team apparel and game tickets.

Let your super-fan out with team-inspired threads and carry that enthusiasm into the stadium, too!

Check the local rules

Each stadium is going to have different regulations about tailgating and protocol.

For example, it’s good to know that you can bring food into the Phillies’ Citizens Bank Park, and that their local restaurants in the stadium area normally offer a discount if you come into your seat a few hours before the game.

The Angels, meanwhile, don’t allow any alcoholic beverages in their parking lot at all, and you can’t use a charcoal grill.

You’ll find most of this info on the MLB website for each stadium.

Tailgating Essentials:

  • Tailgate grills, smokers, fryers, or a combination thereof.
  • Propane or charcoal.
  • Utensils, including barbecue tools, mitts, and aprons.
  • Smaller camping or folding tailgating table for griller or food prep.
  • Folding tables for guests.
  • 2-3 Coolers, minimum.
  • Extra ice.
  • Pre-cooled beverages and frozen bottles of water.


In cities that take baseball tailgating as seriously as New York takes dollar slices, there’s normally some food that’s essential to serve up — otherwise you’re just doing it wrong.

Take Kansas City, for instance. At Kauffman Stadium, barbecue reigns over Royals games.

Clearly, we’re not talking burgers and hot dogs (that’s called grilling) — we’re talking full-fledged, slow-smoked Kansas City barbecue.

In Milwaukee, it’s all about the bratwurst — fittingly, brats are boiled in beer before getting tossed on the grill. (Brewers fans, get it?)


Prep what you can

A few hours may seem like a lot of time to get everyone fed and happy before the game starts, but when you’re trying to heat the grill, maintain a conversation, and referee a game of catch, it’s going to fly.

Because of that, you should try to prep up as much as you can before you get to the lot.

That means slicing up the veggies and cheese, having any side salads ready to go, and if you’re going the bratwurst route, pre-boil them in some beer the night before.

That way, you just have to get a nice char on them, instead of cooking them all the way through.

Enjoying the Tailgate

Be prepared, children will be there.

Baseball games are notoriously family-focused activities (it is called America’s Favorite Pastime, after all) and because the tickets are less expensive than other sports outings, expect to see some kids around.

That means you should keep it PG — drink moderately, make sure the music isn’t offensive, and have your eye out for a youngster before you start bad-mouthing the opposing team.

Have a trash plan

Bring enough trash bags to take out everything you carry into the tailgate, plus be able to separate properly for recycling.

You should also bring a few extra to protect your car from getting grease stains if you’re lugging your grill in the trunk.

To avoid that, your best bet is to wrap up the grates in plastic, too, once they’ve cooled.

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